Biologist Niall McCann travels around the world investigating large charismatic animals:  Featuring stunning blue-chip cinematography, Niall encounters some of the most formidable creatures on the planet; along the way, Niall delivers important conservation messages, as he discovers areas of human conflict, habitat destruction and more that threaten these magnificent animals.


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Peter von Puttkamer has been Directing and co-Producing with Sheera von Puttkamer- international award-winning films worldwide over the last 28 years. Their production company, Gryphon Productions Ltd., has created documentaries for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, BBC, PBS, TLC and more… These programs, conceived and produced by Gryphon, have won more than 75 international awards.

Peter von Puttkamer’s fascination with indigenous peoples, anthropology, mythology, music and wildlife has led to unique and imaginative projects around the world. With a MFA Degree from USC Film & Theater Dept, Sheera von Puttkamer brings her style and creativity to helping shape scripts, work with TV Networks, discover talent, field produce/manage local experts, location scout, design the looks for key talent and much more.

Whether working on heart-felt personal stories, socio-political issues or broad adventure-based entertainment documentaries, filmmaking for the von Puttkamers has always been a blend of high drama, great production value and amazing views of the world around us. Peter’s climbed through ancient caves used for human sacrifice in Mexico, filmed then eaten giant 12” tarantulas with Venezuelan blow-gun hunters, filmed encounters with Tigers, Anacondas, Crocs and Elephants, filmed sacred mask rituals and dances of North American natives, hunted demons and cryptozoological creatures, recorded soul music classics with legendary recording artists, searched for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World in South America, and much more. Peter and Sheera have produced Feature Documentaries for Hollywood studios, such as the Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis/Sony Pictures Feature Film- “Monster House”. Gryphon’s two-hour special, “The Real Lost World” aired on Animal Planet & Discovery HD Theater and “Peyote to LSD: A Psychedelic Odyssey”- a 2 Hr. award-winning History Channel Special shot in the Amazon and 5 countries, featured National Geographic Explorer in Residence and Zombie pioneer Wade Davis (author-“The Serpent and the Rainbow”); Peter and Sheera produced Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom BBC/Animal Planet specials about rare Red Uakari Monkeys and PBS “Lost in the Amazon” about explorer Col. Percy Fawcett and his search for “The Lost City of Z”. Currently the von Puttkamer’s are producing a 6 part series: Biggest and Baddest for Discovery Channel International, Animal Planet Canada and Velocity (US Discovery).

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"Biggest and Baddest is Completely Riveting!"

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